While we have expanded to offering a variety of services, our foundation was built on auto detailing. Our focus is to leave your vehicle clean and sparkling, anything below that is unsatisfactory. We pride ourselves on our extensive detailing services. We offer several detailing packages that include: exterior detailing, interior detailing and paint correction. Our shelves are stocked with only high quality products to ensure your vehicle looks good both in the shop and when parked in your driveway.


Exterior Detailing

Whether it’s your daily commuter, or only taken out for a special cruise. Your vehicle will benefit from an exterior detail to maintain a smooth and glossy look. The process removes dirt, grime, bugs, droppings and debris. Our Exterior Detail Package includes a thorough hand wash and dry, clay bar to remove contaminants, wheel and tires cleaned and a wax application. Our exterior detail package has upgrade options available, upon your vehicle’s condition and request.

Interior Detailing

Our vehicle’s interior takes just as much use as our exterior does. Our interior package includes cleaning of all hard surfaces, cleaning of the leather, vacuum and glass cleaning. From a standard cleaning to a deep cleaning, we have multiple options available for your interior’s condition.

Paint Correction

We offer Paint Correction for vehicles that have scratches on the surface, swirl marks or marring, that are not pleasant to the eye. Paint Correction will also enhance the glossiness of the paint. Every Paint Correction package includes a thorough hand wash, clay bar treatment, tire & wheel cleaning and wax application. Each vehicle’s paint and the condition it is in, varies and requires a specific level of paint correction based on these and your expected end results. Upon request, after the paint correction has been completed there are upgrade options available to replace the wax and get a more durable protection applied to the paint.

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Concourse Correction

Our full concourse correction is for those vehicles that have seen better days. We start off this package with a full hand wash and hand dry. We do a full wheel and tire cleaning, a double glass cleaning, and wet sanding if needed.