Car Polish Williamsburg

Here at Smithfield Detailing we are experts you need to contact for a solid car polish in Williamsburg. If you are looking for a little more than just an Exterior Detail, and your paint needs a little more TLC, our Gloss Enhancement Package is the one for you. The Gloss Enhancement Package is a deep cleaning and cleansing of your vehicle’s paint. It includes a single step polish in order to remove light defects. This specialized method is designed to reduce the light scratches on the surface of your paint. We do this process after we decontaminate your paint – when you glide your fingers across the surface of your paint, and you feel roughness, that means that your paint is in need of paint decontamination. Those bumps that stick around after a car wash are really stuck on there and prevent your paint from shining like it’s meant to. We recommend following up your freshly prepped paint with one of our Xpel paint protection packages. We also detail boats, so contact us for more information about our boat detailing packages. 

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  • Single Step Polish
  • Removal of Light Defects
  • Prepped for Xpel Fusion Ceramic Coating